Jan 21 4:30AM
Windrush-01 237.6
Jan 21 1:30AM
AU_QLD_bh001 168.2
AU_QLD_bh002 190.3
AU_QLD_bh003 70.9
AU_QLD_bh004 127.8
Jan 20 11:30PM
WA6014a 125.3
Jan 20 4:30PM
arnas1 66.6
Lilienstich_ 01 146.5
BerntSweUddevalla_1 90.2
DK2800PF1 51.8
emil 22.4
FHA_Stade3 50.3
Hirnbein 170.5
Lyngskraenten 40.3
Plameo1 93.7
Jan 20 3:30PM
Colony1 50.2
KensHive 63.2
Jan 20 10:30AM
Anastasia 52.6
Antoinette 95.8
England 120.4
Eve 104.8
Rabun Gap 63.7
US-NC-Nantahala-RDBApriary2 29.8
XP001 49.2
Jan 20 9:30AM
Deseret 85.3
Discite-B-04 116.1
Discite-B-06 34.3
HawaUbee02 63.9
PetesBees 62.7
Jan 20 7:30AM
HV_WAEWEN-02 27.3
Bobs_Alpha_1 21.5
CA_BC_001 128.7
HV_WAEWEN-01 34.9
nhg01 136.8

HiveTool™• Net

Advancing Art through Science

Welcome to Real Time Monitoring!

HiveTool™ is an open source project that uses readily available, off-the-shelf hardware and free software to continuously monitor a beehive. Computerized hive monitors provide real time and historic data and graphs of weight, internal and ambient temperature, humidity and light levels which give the beekeeper a noninvasive view into the hive. HiveTool won the 2015 Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award.

Hive Monitor Kit Order Form

Order the parts needed to build the HiveTool Hive Monitoring System from the Center For Honey Bee Research HiveTool Monitor Kits are made available through the kindness and hard work of volunteers at The Center for Honey Bee Research, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. They assemble and test the Hive Interface circuit broad, provide sensors and accessories and fulfill and track orders. Thanks!

Featured Hive: Drisbane Queensland

AU_QLD_bh01 Drisbane QLD Australia