These hive reports, Short and Sweet, are published weekly during honey flow season in pdf format by The Center for Honeybee Research as a service to the beekeeping community. Please send corrections to paul at this website, These reports are revised as additional information is received. Check back here for the latest edition.
March 7, 2016Flows start in South. Swarming continues in California.
May 11, 2015Flows strong in South and Mid-Atlantic, ending in northern California, sporadic in Michigan.
May 4, 2015Flows start in South and Mid-Atlantic, continue in Minnesota. Orientation Flight.
April 20, 2015Flows slow in soggy South. Hives gain weight in Minnesota and California.
April 13, 2015Quiet in the Southeast, flow winds down in Northern California, but ...
March 30, 2015Strong Nectar flows in SE. Swarm Alert Software.
March 23, 2015Bee counting software.
February 16, 2015Nectar flow continues in California. Metabolic loss and spring build up.
February 9 , 2015Rain limits nectar flow in Northern California. Measuring Metabolic Loss
February 2, 2015Acacia Honey and Mystery Weight Gains.
January 26, 2015Flows continue in Northern California.
January 19, 2015Nectar Flowing in Northern California. Thermal Imaging Hive Strength.
August 4, 2014Flows continue in Iowa. Feeding and Attrition.
July 28, 2014Flows continue in Iowa, Michigan. Sourwood ending in Southeast
July 11, 2014Sourwood ending in South. Flows continue in Californina, Michigan.
July 14, 2014Good flow in Michigan - Sourwood flow continues in South.
July 7, 2014Good flow in Michigan - Sourwood flow continues in South.
June 30, 2014Swarming in Midwest - Sourwood flow starts in the South.
June 23, 2014Urban Nectar Flows? Rev A
June 16, 2014Flows continue in select areas of Georgia to Iowa and Michigan.
June 9, 2014Nectar flows continue in Iowa and Michigan.
June 2, 2014What does a nectar flow look like? Rev A
May 26, 2014Spring nectar flow over in some areas Rev A
May 19, 2014Strong nectar flows get rained out in SE but swarming continues. Rev B
May 12, 2014Strong Nectar Flows continue in SE Rev. A
May 5, 2014Nectar Flows continue in SE
April 28, 2014Nectar Flows continue in SE
April 21, 2014Cold and Rain Interrupts Nectar Flows in SE
April 14, 2014Nectar flows start in Aiken and Athens. Swarm Weight Part II.
April 7, 2014Three Very Different Springs: A Comparison of March 2012 - 2014 Rev. A
March 31, 2014Swarming has Started! How much does a swarm weigh?
March 24, 2014Spring comes to the Lower Piedmont Rev. B
March 17, 2014Rain and cool temperatures limit Nectar Flow but flow continues in York
March 10, 2014Nectar Flow Starting in Upstate: Nectar flow continues in York
March 3, 2014Nectar Flow Starting in Upstate South Carolina: York gains 4 pounds in one day!