Jul 16 1:30PM
FHA_Stade3 98.6
FHA_Stade1 81.1
FHA_Stade2 79.1
Jul 16 7:30AM
Teg-Hive-1 67.3
Teg-Hive-3 88.6
Teg-PHive4 82.8
Jul 16 4:30AM
CA_BC_001 96.5

HiveTool™• Net

Advancing Art through Science

Welcome to Real Time Monitoring!

HiveTool™ is an open source project that uses readily available, off-the-shelf hardware and free software to continuously monitor a beehive. Computerized hive monitors provide real time and historic data and graphs of weight, internal and ambient temperature, humidity and light levels which give the beekeeper a noninvasive view into the hive. HiveTool won the 2015 Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award.

Featured Hive: CA_BC_001 Burnaby, BC Canada

CA_BC_001 Burnaby, BC Canada