General Muss (Flow Hive)

Langstroth 10 frame


Sonoma, CA 95476 Sonoma, CA
United States
38° 16' 33.564" N, 122° 26' 1.9752" W

Langstroth 10 frame brood box with 8 frames and follower boards.
Medium 10 frame super above brood box with 8 frames and follower boards.
Deep 7 frame Flow Hive with queen excluder below.


Chris's picture

I am conducting an experiment to assess the impact of the Flow Hive "Honey on Tap" apparatus on colony health and wellness. I split 2 daughter colonies from my healthiest colony (based on a 3 year observation period of the mother colony) and observed those 2 new colonies for one year. They are approximately the same weight and show similar activity. The ages of the queens are nearly the same. One colony will will have a standard Langstroth 10 frame deep frame super with 8 frames starting with wax foundation added at the beginning of the experiment. The other colony will have a 7-frame Flow Hive added. Both hives will implement a queen excluder below the top deep super.

Hive Location