Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What model Pi should I use?

A. It depends on what you want to do and your priorities. If power is not an issue and you want to play with video, the Pi 2 with it's quad core and 1 gig of RAM is the way to go. If power budgeted, then consider the A+. If you plan to use USB sensors, then the B+ or Pi 2 with 4 USB ports may eliminate a hub.

Any model of Pi is overkill if it is just to sample and store data. The original 700MHz single core Pi will stream video nicely, thanks to the GPU. I think you only need the more powerful Pi 2 if you graph or process the video stream, or run several cameras,

All the hivetool hardware and software should work on all the Pi models. To use the developers kit board on the original Model A and B, a 26 pin 2x13 extension header is required.

Q. What is the preferred hive naming convention?

A. There isn't one. I gave up. If you are left brained, something logical like COUNTRY REGION NUMBER would make sense. If you are right brained, have fun. A Greek god. your name, your children's or aunt's name, the name of your honey business are OK. I find it convenient to use the town, county or part of the city where the hive is located. When directing local bee keepers to your hive data, it is easy to tell them to scroll down to [insert local name here] and click on it.

Coding the location into the name probably isn't important as that information is stored separately, and we can sort and search for hives based on country, region, city.

Q. Thank you so much, I have been looking almost everywhere with little to no success but now WOW I'm getting somewhere. I think I'm on the right track, this is great. I would surly welcome becoming part of your network.

A. Just one correction - this is not my network, this is OUR network. Every one's help is needed and greatly appreciated. If you are a beekeeper and want to put a hive online, great! If you are an educator and wish to bring bee science into the classroom, awesome!

Check out the To Do page on the Wiki: /

If you want an account on the forums or wiki, please contact paul at this website,

Q. Cool! How do I put a hive on-line?

A. For information on hardware options, see the Hardware link on

For software, first see the Forum topic on putting a hive on-line.
Then look at the Software link on
The code is online at GitHub/Hivetools

Q. How do I change my password?

A. After you log in, there will be two small text links in the upper right hand corner:
"My account" and "Log out". Click on "My account". A page with your user name as the title should appear.
It has two tabs:
"View" and "Edit". Click on "Edit".

You can also change your email, time zone and upload a picture of yourself.

Don't forget to click on Save.

Q. How do I set the location of a hive on the map?

A. After you log in, Click on "View Hives->Summary List of Hives". Scroll down until you find your hive. Click on the name. A page with the graph of the hive will appear. Scroll down about half way until you see the name of your hive as the title of the page below the graph. If you are logged in and this is your hive, there will be two buttons:
"View" and "Edit". Click on Edit.

Here you can also enter the hive type, elevation, orientation, status, a description and upload a picture.

Don't forget to click on Save.