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The Big Picture: Time to Start Over

We are entering our sixth year of data collection. Originally, there was no plan - everything you see just happened. It's time to take a step back and look at the big picture. Using what we've learned from the last five years, it is time to do a complete redesign focusing on self administration, user features, scalability, analytical tools and data warehousing.

The goal is still to provide an affordable, easy to use, reliable and accurate data collection systems to

Windows Remote Desktop, 62541, New Hive Interface boards, I2S audio input

MicroSoft users take note:
Thanks Nate for pointing out xrdp that allows access to the Pi with Windows Remote Desktop. We plan to include xrdp in the next image. It is easily installed: sudo apt-get install xrdp Nate also suggested we include open62541, a OPC UA stack. Anyone else interested in working with this?

Unscheduled outage - server upgrade

I knew it would happen, just didn't know when. We have been using an inexpensive hosting service running on a shared server. Yesterday morning at 4 am (while I was trying to upload pictures of how to assemble the interface board), I started getting:

This site is temporarily unavailable

If you manage this site and have a question about why, please contact Netfirms directly.

New Boards. New Image.

Thanks to Emil for taking the lead with fixing noisy sensors and to Mark for testing the code. After a week or two of troubleshooting and testing, The HX711 and DHT22 are recording better. We have learned a bit about the DHT22. It has it's own page.

As a result, a new image 0.7.3 will be available with the code fixes.

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